Another American terrorist

The news is out: [A white Michigan man was arrested on a slew of felony charges this week after police said he repeatedly vandalized and shot at the home of a Black family who had put a Black Lives Matter sign in front of their window.
Michael Frederick, Jr., who was described as a “racist terrorist,” fired multiple times into the victims’ house, threw a large rock threw their window, slashed their tires, painted a swastika on one of their cars and wrote phrases such as “Black Lives Matter Not Welcome,” authorities said in a news conference Wednesday.
The 24-year-old suspect also spray-painted the word “Pedophile” on the garage door of another neighbor who had a “Joe Biden” campaign sign in the yard, according to police.
The disturbing crime spree in the Detroit suburb of Warren forced the Black homeowners, U.S. Army veterans Eddie and Candace Hall, to spend three weeks in a hotel out of fear of returning home, they told local news outlets.]

US Army veterans running away from a homegrown terrorist? That’s why we will never win the war on terror.

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