Another racist cop

The news is out: [A police officer in Aurora, Colorado, ignored a Black woman’s cries for help after she fell head-first while hogtied in the back of a patrol car for nearly 21 minutes in August 2019, according to body camera footage shown by the city on Tuesday. The footage was part of an appeal hearing for former police officer Levi Huffine, who was fired over the incident in February.
The video, timestamped shortly before 5:30 p.m. on August 27, 2019, begins with a woman later identified as 28-year-old Shataean Kelly kneeling on the ground with her hands in the air after allegedly getting into a fight with another woman.
Huffine handcuffs her, and when the audio picks up roughly 30 seconds in, Huffine is heard saying he had deployed his Taser. When Kelly tried to tell the officer that she wasn’t responsible for the incident that police responded to, he told her to “shut up.” Huffine said during his Wednesday appearance at the hearing that the Taser did not pierce Kelly’s skin.]

How many more incidents are needed for everyone to understand that police reform will not be legit until and unless qualified immunity, no-knock warrant, chokehold, police unions are outlawed and a national database for law enforcement prevents the rehire of cops who are caught? Please remember that a good cop is one who hasn’t been caught yet. Jackbooted neo-Nazi confederate skinhead terrorist supremacist Neanderthals… in other words, cops are an extension of the KKK and white supremacy.

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