Flushing money down

The news is out: [On Thursday evening, NASA is sending a new, $23 million toilet to the International Space Station.
It’s meant as a test: Astronauts on the ISS will test the toilet out before NASA installs an upgraded version on its Orion spaceship, which is slated to fly a crew to the moon as early as 2023.
Called the Universal Waste Management System (UWMS), the toilet is designed to be easier for women to use than prior space toilets. It’s also made of strong metals that can withstand a highly acidic solution that NASA uses to treat astronauts’ urine.
But Jason Hutt, the Orion spaceship’s engineering lead, said there’s still one kink with the UWMS: It’s too stinky.]

Taking a healthy sh*t got more expensive in space. What about a redneck toilet: 5 gallon bucket and trash bags?

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