Another blooming moron

The news is out: [At San Antonio’s Cornerstone Church on Sunday morning, hundreds of maskless congregants sang and prayed, swaying together in the pews, babies and grandparents in close proximity.
It might have been easy to forget there was a deadly pandemic blazing through the country.
That is, until about 25 minutes into the sermon, when pastor Matt Hagee, on a stage bathed in blue light, announced that his father, the 80-year-old senior pastor and the church’s founder, John Hagee, had been diagnosed two days earlier with COVID-19. Hagee said during the Oct. 4 livestreamed service that his father “has been diligent throughout this entire COVID pandemic to monitor his health.”
“It was one, discovered very early, and two, his medical team has him under watchful care, and three, he’s feeling well enough to be frustrated by anyone in a white coat with a stethoscope,” said Hagee. “He covets your prayers and asks for you to pray for him daily.”]

Here is another great example of the stupidity of religion. Matt Hagee asks congregants to pray daily for his father John, in total disregard of the clear sign from God who allowed him to get infected with the coronavirus in the first place. If he recovers, it will be by the grace of God; if he dies, well, God will have another angel.

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