Job transfer

The news is out: [A former police officer who ignored a detainee’s cries for help when she fell head-first while hogtied in his patrol car will not get his job back, the Civil Service Commission in Aurora, Colorado, said Tuesday. The commission unanimously denied former officer Levi Huffine‘s appeal of his termination, writing that he “blatantly disregarded” his detainee’s pleas for more than 20 minutes during the August 2019 incident.
The commission said in a six-page decision on Tuesday that “It is simply not acceptable to refuse to believe a detainee who is screaming for help — screaming ‘I can’t breathe; my neck is breaking,’ without making any effort to confirm that she is safe.”
“Huffine’s callous and intentional disregard for the safety and well-being of Ms. Kelly was so egregious that the ultimate sanction of termination was warranted,” the commission said.
Police Chief Vanessa Wilson said in a statement on Tuesday that Huffine’s “shocking disregard for Shataeah Kelly’s safety and security while in his custody was reprehensible.”
“Acts like his take away from my officers who every day make a positive difference in the lives of our community members and put their lives in danger to help others,” she said.]

Levi Huffine will get a new job in another department. There are plenty of other cops like him.

Enough black men have been slaughtered, enough black women have been raped, enough black babies have been sacrificed on the altar of white supremacy, enough black families have been destroyed.

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