Idiots in charge

The news is out: [Despite pleas from election officials and experts, state leaders in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania have so far failed to take action to avert looming delays in the counting of mail-in ballots that could decide who wins the November presidential election.
The inaction by officials in both states is shocking to many who are concerned about the potential for social unrest if there is a delay in declaring a presidential winner.
“I’m actually a little dumbfounded,” Reid Ribble, a Republican former congressman who represented Green Bay from 2011 to 2017, told Yahoo News.]

With irregularities and fraud at an all-time high, it would have been beneficial to remove the morons running the electoral circus. Many delusional imbeciles still think they are electing the president of the USA. By now, I am really excited about the upcoming antics and stupidity of people who think they own the country. Comes November 3rd, I will take a cold shower.

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