Stained Brazilian

The news is out: [Brazilian senator Chico Rodrigues made a cheeky move when he allegedly decided to try hiding government funds. Police found 30,000 reales ($5,300) in cash in hidden in the Amazon state of Roraima’s leader’s underwear when searching for missing money intended for coronavirus relief.
Rodrigues home in the Roraima’s capital, Boa Vista, was raided on Wednesday, in a search for the public coronavirus funds. The senator is a close ally of Flávio Bolsonaro, Brazil’s president, whose administration has been filled with scandal.
The money was found in his underwear and “between his buttocks,” MSN reported. Conservative-leaning Portuguese publication Revista Crusoe (which initially broke the story) gave a more vivid description of the discovery: “To give you a sense of just how preposterous the situation was, some of the recovered notes were stained with feces,” adding that, “it was a scene of considerable embarrassment.”]

It’s all over the world. This is a good time to be a politician.

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