Even a black baby

The news is out: [Deja Stallings gave birth to her first child, a girl named Dsyre, on the morning of Oct. 16. But that normally happy occasion was marred when the child went into distress with an elevated heart rate. Two weeks before Stallings’s daughter was born, her mother told Yahoo News, she had been the victim of police brutality. Stallings, a Black woman nine months pregnant, was thrown to the ground on Sept. 30 during an altercation with police in Kansas City, Mo. That incident, according to Stallings’s lawyer Stacy Shaw, is the reason that Dsyre ended up in intensive care.
The night of the incident, people were gathered outside a gas station in downtown Kansas City to commemorate the life of a recent murder victim.
“[The police] came down there twice … harassing us,” Stallings, 25, told Yahoo News. “Then they left and came back again, saying [one man] was trespassing.”
Shortly after their second visit, officers began to break up the crowd and attempted to arrest a man they accused of trespassing. During the attempt, Stallings allegedly intervened.
“I was out there like everybody else trying to record [on her phone] and the officer pushed me,” said Stallings. “When he pushed me, I told him, ‘Don’t push me, because you don’t have the right to push me.’ He said, ‘You effing going to jail.’ That’s when he threw me down on my stomach and put his knee in my back.”]

Even unborn black babies are not safe from the jackbooted neo-Nazi confederate skinhead terrorist supremacist Neanderthals. Sue the bastards and the town which hired them.

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