Another imbecile

The news is out: [Sen. David Perdue, meanwhile, is facing backlash for repeatedly mispronouncing Harris’ name at a rally for President Donald Trump on Friday. Many people, Harris’ staff included, have denounced his mockery of her name as racism.
At the rally in Macon, Georgia, Perdue was addressing the crowd ahead of the president’s arrival.
“But the most insidious thing that Chuck Schumer and Joe Biden are trying to perpetrate — and Bernie and others with them — and Kah-MAH-la, KAH-mah-la, Kah-MAH-la, Kamala-mala-mala, I don’t know, whatever,” he said, to the sound of laughter from the audience.]

Another example of what happens when the idiot is selected to run the village. I bet it would be easier for Perdue if Harris’ name was Betty Sue.

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