Racism is everywhere

The news is out: [NEW YORK — One white court officer in Brooklyn posted an illustration of President Barack Obama with a noose around his neck on social media. Another white officer referred to a Black court officer as “one of the good monkeys.”
A third white court officer commented to a white colleague that he would have done better on a firearms test if he had been given a “Sean Bell target,” a reference to an unarmed Black man killed by police in 2006.
The incidents of overt racism were among several mentioned in a new report about racial bias in the New York state court system commissioned by Chief Judge Janet DiFiore after national protests this summer against institutional racism in the criminal justice system.
Jeh Johnson, a former Homeland Security secretary under Obama, led the team that did the review. His report, released with little fanfare last week, found pervasive racism in New York courts, both explicit and implicit, from judges, court officers and lawyers. The accounts of racial bias the team collected bore a striking similarity to testimony in another review from three decades ago, the report said.]

Instead of reacting with incredibility, it would be best to root out the real cause of racism. In the beginning, certain troublemakers were expelled from Africa, rather than taking responsibility for their sick actions, they plotted revenge in the icy caves of the Caucasus mountains and during the Dark Ages. Europe is like a microwave, nothing good can come out of it.

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