Dreaming at the polls

The news is out: [On Nov. 3, the popular vote will directly decide the winners of races up and down the ballot, except for one.
While voters elect members of Congress, occupants of governor’s mansions, state legislators, mayors and other local officers, the nation’s highest office is determined by the Electoral College — an obscure and controversial feature of America’s electoral system established by the Constitution.
In every presidential election, dating back to the country’s first in 1789, voters cast their ballots for a slate of electors, who are often party loyalists nominated by a state’s political party to pledge support to the nominee.
The two presidential candidates jockey for the needed 270 electoral votes of the 538 total at stake to clinch the White House. With some states solidly in Republicans’ or Democrats’ corner, the focus on the electoral map typically narrows to the key battlegrounds — a collection of states that are likely to tilt the election in one candidate’s favor.]

So you followed your heart and did your civic duty: you voted. Well, Congratulations. It was a beautiful dream, but y’all ain’t right; now back to reality. If you have been following the circus, you know the names of all the clowns, but, you are still in the dark about the actual people pulling the strings of the puppets. All races have been decided long before the freak show started; you were just the punch line to the joke. Now keep your head up high, the next election will be the one of your lifetime.

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