Selective rule

The news is out: [MIAMI — Florida GOP Sen. Rick Scott is rallying behind President Donald Trump in signature fashion: with a big TV ad buy.
Scott’s political committee announced Wednesday he was making a “significant six-figure buy” boosting Trump and attacking Democrats on the airwaves in the president’s must-win state, where the Republicans have been outgunned in spending in recent months.
Scott’s direct-to-camera ad isn’t only about advancing the president’s interests. It also raises the first-term senator’s profile as he seeks to become the head of the National Republican Senatorial Committee. Scott — who has an eye on a potential presidential bid in 2024 and his own reelection that year — has run two other ads during this presidential cycle, one attacking Joe Biden that aired in Iowa and another attacking Sen. Bernie Sanders that aired in Miami.
“Democrats have a radical plan for America. Joe Biden may not even be aware of it, but Kamala Harris is,” Scott says in the new Florida ad, subtly raising the Republican criticism that Biden is a clueless “Trojan horse” for the left.]

Some special people can spend as much as they want to buy votes.

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