Baxter International Inc. announced today it has issued an Urgent Device Correction to reinforce important safety information regarding cleaning practices of all Spectrum infusion pumps distributed in the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean, as deviations from the specified cleaning methods may impair infusion pump functionality and performance. Baxter previously communicated this information to customers directly in a Safety Alert on April 1, 2020 and subsequently via an Urgent Device Correction notification on August 28, 2020.
Deviations from the cleaning methods described in product-specific Operator’s Manuals may lead to residue buildup or corrosion of the electrical pins (e.g. depressed pins) on the infusion pump rear case and battery electrical contacts. This could result in notifications that the user should check the battery, or that batteries are not charging or holding their charge. If a device has residue buildup or corrosion, and is running solely on battery power, the pump may shut down without alarming or alerting the user. An undetected or abrupt discontinuation in medication delivery may lead to a delay or interruption of intended treatment. Depending on various factors, including the medication being infused, the volume and rate of the infusion, the route of administration, and patient status and comorbidities, this could result in serious adverse health consequences or death.

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