Make voting fun again

The news is out: [A man attending a Trump rally in Beverly Hills, California on Saturday wielded a sword, threatened a woman driving by to “vote for Trump whether you like it or not,” and photographed license plates, a viral TikTok video showed.
Ajay Rochester, the woman who filmed the incident, told Insider that she was “scared and intimidated” as she drove through three blocks of pro-Trump protesters who have gathered in the location for weeks, according to reports.
In the video, which reached more than 900,000 viewers as of Wednesday afternoon, three days after its posting, a man approaches Rochester’s car as she drives by people wearing Trump and QAnon conspiracy theory swag.
“We got you now,” the man can be heard saying in the video. “We got your plates, we got you.” The man then walks to the front of Rochester’s car and appears to take a photo of her license plate. “We know who you are now. You’re going to vote for Trump whether you like it or not,” he said, while pointing a sword at her. It was not clear what kind of sword it was or what material it was made out of.]

I will be going to the poll in my red “Keep America idiot free” t-shirt to ask for information about voting.

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