North Carolina backwoods

The news is out: [A peaceful protest to get out the vote in Graham, North Carolina, turned chaotic Saturday after local police twice pepper sprayed marchers.
As a crowd of about 200 people arrived on foot at the county courthouse to speak near a polling location about voting rights, officers with the Graham Police Department doused them with pepper spray while telling the civil rights group to get out of the street. A reporter with the Burlington Times-News, part of the USA TODAY Network, who was at the scene and was also pepper sprayed, did not hear any advance warning before the police action.
After the police stopped spraying, they let marchers gather at the town square and set up and speak on stage. After 45 minutes, Graham police began arresting people on the fringes of the event, apparently who were just listening. And the Alamance Sheriff’s Office deputies arrived. A tussle on stage ensued as officers tried to confiscate the audio equipment and speakers. A dozen or more people were arrested roughly and spray was used.]

Sue the stupidity out of these cops, and force them to read the Constitution.

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