In-house bigots

The news is out: [Louisiana State Police records obtained by The Associated Press reportedly show at least a dozen instances of racial slurs and other discriminatory comments directed at minority police officers by their white colleagues throughout a three-year period.
According to the AP, department records and emails were initially gathered by New Orleans attorney David Lanser through a public-records request in 2018 for emails containing racist language.
The State Police has a real, deep-rooted racism problem,” Lanser told the AP. “Denying the existence of systemic and individual racism in the LSP will only serve to perpetuate its serious and often tragic effects on the people of Louisiana.”
This comes after a local television station reported last month that a white trooper was unknowingly recorded through his Apple Watch using a racial slur when talking about a Black colleague, saying “F—– n—-, what did you expect?”
The recording was then accidentally sent to the Black trooper, launching an internal investigation that remained unknown to the public for three years.]

Black officers are called rats, zeroes and crybabies.

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