Read the Constitution, people

The news is out: [Allen West, chairman of the Republican Party of Texas, told a local news reporter to “stop bothering” him in response to their recent request for comment, which referenced the group of Trump supporters that trailed a Biden-Harris campaign caravan as it crossed an interstate highway on Friday.
In an apparent effort to halt the caravan’s further movement, last week’s confrontational tracking scheme led to at least one vehicle collision and caused officials at the Democratic presidential nominee’s campaign to cancel multiple events originally set to take place later that afternoon.
Reporter Abby Livingston recounted the pro-Trump group’s attempt to thwart Biden’s campaign bus in a piece published by the Texas Tribune on Saturday, which sought input from West. The Republican Party of Texas chairman did not reply to Livingston’s inquiries as they related to the caravan directly, instead claiming the reporter endeavored to “portray conservatives as violent radicals.”]

Don’t just write about it, sue the F out of anyone who violates any of your Constitutional rights. That’s the only way they will learn; help them.

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