USPS shame

The news is out: [A federal judge on Wednesday said he would force Postmaster General Louis DeJoy to testify in court about how the US Postal Service handled the election, saying he’d depose him if necessary.
He made the comment in a hearing in a lawsuit brought over the USPS’s handling of the 2020 election during the coronavirus pandemic.
“The postmaster’s going to have to be deposed or appear before me,” Judge Emmet Sullivan said.
Sullivan expressed fury at the USPS’s performance, accusing it of slow-walking responses to his orders and saying the agency had not effectively communicated with its own lawyers throughout the case.
He asked Kevin Bray, the USPS official overseeing mail voting for this year’s election, to appear in court on Wednesday afternoon. When a Justice Department lawyer, Joseph Evan Borson, said he’d check with Bray’s schedule to see what time he’s available, Sullivan cut him off.
“You will have to tell him when he’s available,” Sullivan said. “It’s up to the court when he’s available.”]

Like I wrote 2 days ago, in any decent society, Louis DeJoy would be in jail.

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