A new overseer

The news is out: [Rev. Steve Bland, the senior pastor of Detroit’s Liberty Baptist Church, was interviewed outside of the venue and what he said immediately went viral. “These are persons who are passionate and they are consistent. They’ve been saying all along they’re going to suggest that’s its rigged, it’s flawed or fake, they’ve been saying that before now. We just need to be persistent, to make sure our voice gets counted because as goes Detroit, will be done so. And I will say, the Black vote in Detroit is higher than it’s ever been, and we will determine the outcome because we’ve gone from picking cotton to picking presidents.”]

Isn’t it ironic that American negroes can go from picking cotton to picking presidents, yet cannot escape the religious plantations. They rejected the salted meat and lemonade, opting instead for Rev Steve Bland’s wafer and grape juice.

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