Beyond salmon

The news is out: [NEW YORK (AP) — A federal court judge ordered the U.S. Food and Drug Administration on Thursday to conduct an environmental assessment of genetically modified salmon that he said was required for the agency’s approval of the fish.
But the judge did not vacate the FDA’s approval of the salmon for human consumption in the meantime, because he said the risk for near-term environmental harm is low.
In an email Thursday, a representative for AquaBounty noted that the ruling covered the potential environmental impact of the fish, and not the health and safety of eating them. The company said the salmon are not yet being sold in the U.S.; it had previously said the fish could be in the market by late this year.
A representative for the FDA did not immediately respond to a request for comment.
To ensure the fish do not escape and breed with wild fish, Massachusetts-based AquaBounty says its salmon are raised in tanks and bred to be female and sterile.]

One must look at all the genetically modified food to understand the deeper issue at hand. A specific trait of many very stupid people, of European ancestry, is they are hell bent on thinking they can challenge and control Nature.

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