Michael J. Stern

The news is out: [Yes, former Vice President Joe Biden may squeak out a victory. But even if he does, we’ve been slapped with the heartbreaking reality that nearly half our country voted for President Donald Trump after spending four years watching him spew unbridled bigotry, engage in blatant corruption, and tell so many lies you’d need a magnifying glass to read the Washington Post’s running list of false and misleading claims.
My best friend just called in disgust to say he did not recognize this country. Unfortunately, I do. It’s the same country that built itself largely on the backs of slaves who had their most basic human rights stolen and whose descendants, more than 150 years after emancipation, still carry the weight of the chains that held them down.
It’s the same country that closed its eyes to Matthew Shepard, beaten and broken and tied to a fence in rural Wyoming, where he was left to die … because he was gay.
And it’s the same country where you can see countless cell phone videos of people telling Latino Americans to speak English or “stay in Mexico” or “go back” to where they came from.]

Welcome to reality, Michael J. Stern. Glad you made it.

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