Politics is a business

The news is out: [Speaking to Yahoo Entertainment the morning after Election Day, David Duchovny is, like much of the nation, on edge. Leading up to the presidential election, the actor and singer-songwriter released the scathing protest song “Layin’ on the Tracks,” with its unsubtle jab at a certain “stupid orange man in a cheap red hat.” Says Duchovny, “I went to bed [on Tuesday] really depressed. … I felt gut-punched. I felt very dark. I felt desolate. I felt I can’t put up with another four years of this guy.”
However, Duchovny remains hopeful as the ballots continue to be counted. “When I woke up this [Wednesday] morning and I saw what was going on, I felt a lot better,” he says. But while Duchovny is clearly no fan of Donald Trump (“He’s a cheater, he’s a crook, he’s a criminal, he deserves to be in prison for many different crimes”), he’s also aware that the problem in America is much bigger than just who is in the White House.]

Wow! Like I wrote so many times, the entire stinking system is crooked. There is no way to salvage a batch of cookie dough if a dead rat is found in it. Starting with the Constitution was a brilliant move; somewhere along the way, the people failed to pay attention.

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