Arkansas blue pride

The news is out: [An Arkansas police chief who called for violence against Democrats on social media in the wake of the presidential election has resigned.
According to CNN, former Marshall, Ark. police chief Lang Holland made several questionable social media posts last week including ones about the Qanon conspiracy theory, multiple ones saying Democrats should be killed and several claiming the election was being stolen.
“Death to all Marxist Democrats,” Holland posted on Parler. “Take no prisoners leave no survivors!!” Parler is a popular social media platform for right-wing and conspiracy-tinged social media users who have left Twitter and Facebook.
I pray all those in that picture hang on the gallows and are drawn and quartered!!!! Anything less is not acceptable,” he captioned an image of prominent Democrats like Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama in prison jumpsuits.]

Another moron who made it as a public servant. Police reform will not be legit until and unless qualified immunity, no-knock warrant, chokehold, police unions are outlawed and a national database for law enforcement prevents the rehire of cops who are caught.

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