More American idiocy

The news is out: [Flyers depicting anti-Black Lives Matter rhetoric and swastikas appeared outside homes in Texas after Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden was declared the president-elect in the 2020 election over President Donald Trump, police said on Sunday.
Police in Hollywood Park, Texas, just outside San Antonio, said in a Facebook post that flyers were put outside homes on Sunday morning in plastic bags with rocks so they wouldn’t blow away.
The flyers, seen by News 4 San Antonio, criticize the Black Lives Matter movement and call for residents to “join” its group of “defenders.”
A separate flyer seen by News 4 San Antonio shows the documents were dispersed by a group called 14First the Foundation, a white supremacy group that describes itself as “a pro white org [sic] fighting for the white race.”]

These neo-Nazis are dumber than the old ones. The last prop that should be used against blacks is a swastika, because it is a “good” African symbol. It became bad for these morons who desecrated it like they did everything else from Africa. Educate yourselves.

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