Breaking the law

The news is out: [LOUISVILLE — Louisville Metro Police concealed at least 738,000 records documenting the sexual abuse of Explorer Scouts by two officers — then lied to keep the files from the public, records show.
The Louisville Courier Journal, part of the USA TODAY Network, last year requested all records regarding sexual abuse of minors by two officers in the Explorer Scout program for youths interested in law enforcement careers.
Police officials and the Jefferson County Attorney’s office said they couldn’t comply, insisting all the records had been turned over to the FBI for its investigation.
But that wasn’t true, according to records The Courier Journal recently obtained in the appeal of its open-records case.
In fact, the department still had at least 738,000 records, which the city allowed to be deleted.
The records could shed light on when department and city officials first learned of allegations of sexual abuse of youths by officers in the program and what the officials did — or failed to do — about it.
“I have practiced open-records law since the law was enacted 45 years ago, and I have never seen anything so brazen,” said Jon Fleischaker, an attorney for The Courier Journal. “I think it an outrage.”]

They found a better way to serve and protect.

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