In the name of Jehovah

The news is out: [Elders at a Utah congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses allegedly forced a 15-year-old to listen to a recording of her rape over and over again for hours as part of a religious inquiry, a lawsuit before the Utah Supreme Court claims.
The case seeks to hold the leaders and the church at large responsible for inflicting emotional distress.
The church claims, and lower courts have ruled, that to hold them liable would violate the religious freedoms of the First Amendment of the US Constitution, since it involves weighing the appropriateness of religious conduct.
In dueling briefs, as well as oral arguments for the case on Monday (recordings of which are not yet available), the two sides wrestled over the meaning of this bedrock of American civil rights law.
Karra Porter, a lawyer representing the church, argued there was a difference between the government regulating physical harm and that of the facts in the case, according to the Desert News.]

Every single day, organized religion brings humanity to a new low. One must ask if it is worth it. Religion has always been a political tool of Europeans, and when they can no longer use it, they will discard it. Meanwhile countless of acts like above will continue, along with the abuse of children and uneducated.

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