Flight of an angel

The news is out: [A well-known Christian preacher has skipped bail in South Africa and fled the country.
Shepherd Bushiri, who had previously said he wanted to clear his name, has now returned to his home country, Malawi, with his wife Mary.
Earlier this month they were released on bail after being charged with fraud and money laundering.
He said there had been attempts on his life and he accused the South African authorities of not offering protection.
Controversial millionaire preacher Mr Bushiri has been referred to as one of the richest religious leaders in Africa.
He says he has cured people of HIV, made the blind see, changed the fortunes of the impoverished and, on at least one occasion, appeared to walk on air.
He grew up in Mzuzu, a city in northern Malawi and moved to Pretoria in South Africa where he leads his church – the Enlightened Christian Gathering.
He is so popular that he has been known to fill sports stadiums with followers.
But he has also been accused of preying on poor people, desperate to improve their lives, by selling merchandise including “miracle oil”.]

Shepherd Bushiri took matters in his own hands when he found out that his God couldn’t protect him.

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