More than looting

The news is out: [Philadelphia City Council voted to formally apologize for their decision to approve a bombing, which left 11 people dead, including five children, and burned down 61 homes in 1985.
On May 13, police dropped an explosive device on the roof of 6621 Ossage Avenue in West Philadelphia after a daylong confrontation with the Black radical group, MOVE, as officers tried to evict them from their compound, The Philadelphia Inquirer reported.
The bomb then sparked a blaze that was left to rage by authorities until there were 11 deaths, including those of five children aged seven to 13, and 61 homes destroyed in the largely black neighborhood, according to The Guardian.
Gregore J. Sambor, the Police Commissioner who directed the bombing, resigned in November of that year. A grand jury in 1988 cleared then-Mayor W. Wilson Goode and other top city officials of criminal liability for death and destruction resulting from the operation, the New York Times reported.
However, W. Wilson Goode wrote in The Guardian: “The event will remain in my conscience for the rest of my life,” and called on the city to issue a formal apology.]

You can murder as many negroes as you want, as long you say “sorry” later.

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