No help for American kids

The news is out: [As COVID-19 cases rise across the U.S., school districts are contemplating whether or not to shut down schools and shift to remote learning. The debate over in-person vs. remote learning has been one of the most contentious topics of the pandemic. Randi Weingarten, American Federation of Teachers (AFT) president joined Yahoo Finance to discuss how the coronavirus is affecting schools and why she believes the U.S. education system is again in this precarious position.
The Trump administration has done nothing. We’re seeing a huge surge in cases. When you have this kind of surge in terms of community positivity, schools are going to close down again and revert back to remote, and we’re starting to see that in lots of different places.”]

Once again, no one cares about the health of the nation; and that’s fine with millions of morons who think it’s dandy.

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