Typical racist terrorist

The news is out: [Michigan deputy Sherry Prose insisted she was not racist despite sharing a Kamala Harris watermelon Jack-O’-Lantern
Vice President-elect Kamala Harris has not even taken office yet and racists are already doing what they do best.
A long time employee of The Oakland County Sheriff’s Office was recently fired after she posted a photo on Facebook depicting Jack-O’-Lanterns on Halloween to her Facebook page. There were three pumpkins depicting President Donald Trump, Vice President Mike Pence, and President-elect Joe Biden. But the last fruit was a watermelon that represented Harris, according to WXYZ News.
The now former employee is identified as Sherry Prose, a retired and part time employee of the department.
Watermelon is used as a racist troupe toward Black people and comes out of the Jim Crow area. After slavery, Black people sold the fruit to gain income and it became associated with their freedom.
“It grows out of [the] past and a recognition that often is linked to buffoonery and to less than,” said Rev. Dr. Wendell Anthony, Detroit Branch NAACP President, told the WXYZ. “Yes, I believe that the intent was purposely structured to diminish and to dilute the significance of the first African American…. as vice president of these United States. To some people ignorance is bliss.”]

Another mutation of Dravidian albinos doing what they do best. No wonder Mother Nature gives most of them a vestigial tail.

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