Wishful thinking

The news is out: [The UK will “go the same way as the British Empire” and break up within a decade unless there is an urgent and radical overhaul of how the country is run, Gordon Brown has warned.
The former Prime Minister, a driving force in the Labour government that delivered the Scottish Parliament, warned that Scotland “already has one foot out the door” of the union and admitted it had been “naive” not to anticipate that devolution could create a “megaphone for intensifying resentment”.
However, Mr Brown said Boris Johnson’s leaked comments this week, in which he branded devolution a “disaster”, showed how “out of touch” the Tory leader was.
At Prime Minister’s Questions on Wednesday, Mr Johnson was accused by Sir Keir Starmer of being “the single biggest threat to the future of the United Kingdom… every time he opens his mouth”.]

The world would be so lucky to see the UK swirling down the toilet of history.

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