British national meal

The news is out: [Police investigating a chewed up human leg bone found in a park in Berlin have arrested a 41-year-old high school math and chemistry teacher on suspicion of sexually-motivated murder and cannibalism, according to German police.
The victim has been identified only as Stephen T., a 44-year-old high-voltage lineman who disappeared after meeting the math teacher on the gay hook-up website Planet Romeo, Berlin prosecutors said Friday.
An urban trekker found the flesh-free leg bone and the lineman’s other skeletal remains on Nov. 8. Police originally thought the bite marks on the bones could have been made by an animal, but now believe they are from the math teacher, whose name has not been released due to German privacy regulations.
The lineman disappeared from his apartment in Berlin’s Lichtenberg district on September 5, telling his roommate he was going to meet a friend. Police say the math teacher and the lineman exchanged several conversations in a chatroom on the Planet Romeo website. The website is not tied to cannibalism but is a popular hook-up venue.]

There is only one thing left to do: find a black man to blame.

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