American idiots

The news is out: [A family in Arlington, Texas has filmed a PSA pleading with others to take the coronavirus pandemic seriously after 15 of their family members tested positive for COVID-19 following a small birthday party held indoors.
“I had family over at my house for some cake for my wife’s birthday. I didn’t think anything bad would happen,” says one member of the Aragonez family in a video they made to warn others of the seriousness of the virus. “Now I’m fighting coronavirus.”
In total, all 12 of the people who attended the Nov. 1 family gathering, contracted COVID-19, as well as three family members who were not at the event. “Everyone who went to my cousin’s house that day has tested positive for the coronavirus,” Alexa Aragonez, 26, says in the video.
Aragonez’s mother, Enriqueta Aragonez, was hospitalized due to her symptoms, and speaks in the video from her hospital bed. “I’m fighting against COVID-19,” Enriqueta says. “Please protect yourself. It’s real.”]

Now they are giving advices to others?

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