Disgusting hypocrites

The news is out: [News reports suggest that the bishops may want to deny Biden, a lifelong Catholic, access to the sacrament of Holy Communion, much the way that conservative bishops declared John Kerry, the Democratic presidential nominee in 2004, unwelcome at the communion rail in their dioceses.
In what moral universe does Joe Biden, devout Roman Catholic, public servant and family man, present the bishops with difficulties and complexities while Trump gets a pass? Although the bishops and many Americans may disagree with his stand, Biden’s position on abortion rights is hardly unprincipled. It rests on constitutional values and the law of the land, on the 1st Amendment and the separation of church and state, on the belief that the choice to terminate a pregnancy should be determined by a woman and not by the state.
The Catholic bishops have every right to offer moral guidance to the faithful — although given the pedophilia crisis and their tacit support for Trump, even their moral authority is compromised. But they should think twice about trying to bully a Catholic public official with the threat of withholding the Christian sacraments.]

The Catholic church should solve its pedophilia problem before any venture into politics or between the legs of a woman. They unconditionally support Trump, yet found a problem with Biden.

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