How stupid

The news is out: [A man who deliberately breathed heavily on two protesters outside of President Donald Trump’s golf course in Virginia has been charged with assault, the local sheriff’s office said.
Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office said on Sunday that Raymond Deskins, 61, was charged with misdemeanor-level assault.
Video shared on social media showed a woman, who can’t be seen in the video, asking Deskins to move away from her on Saturday near the Trump National Golf Club, Washington DC.
At the same time another woman, also out of frame, pointed out that he wasn’t wearing a mask.
Deskins, wearing a Trump t-shirt and an inflatable with the shape of Trump on the front, then breathed in and heavily breathed out.
One of the woman then said “that’s assault,” and he said “I breathed on you.”]

Deskins is 61 years old and acting stupid. The charge should be attempted murder. Covid-19 is deadly, just like a gun.

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