Money in politics

The news is out: [Senator Lindsey Graham‘s re-election campaign wired $1 million to Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue on Monday, in a bid to boost the Republicans’ coffers in the run-up to Georgia’s Senate runoff contests.
Appearing on Fox News last night, Graham said his campaign had transferred the sum through the National Republican Senatorial Committee, a campaign group focused on getting GOP lawmakers elected to the upper chamber.

The South Carolina Republican also called on all his fellow lawmakers to follow suit by sending any funds left from their campaigns to the Georgia Senate runoff races, which could prove the difference between a Republican or Democratic controlled Senate.
“My campaign, Team Graham, we transferred $1 million tonight to Senator Perdue and Senator Loeffler from my campaign account,” Graham told the Hannity show. “To every Republican senator and member of the House, please your campaign accounts on to help Georgia.”]

Limits on campaign contributions are a national joke. Lindsey Graham is the same joker who was begging for money.

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