Texas size

The news is out: [Just when you think Ted Cruz — one of perhaps the most universally mocked Senators in America — is taking a break from putting his foot in his mouth for the holiday season, he does it again. As Republican leaders step over one another to condemn the health advisories around traveling and gathering for Thanksgiving, Cruz jumped on the COVID-denial bandwagon to say share a very special and deeply idiotic image on Twitter. On Saturday, Cruz posted a black and white image of a turkey with the words “come and take it” below. His post, which used a star to represent the Texas flag, was the latest in a string of Republicans who are trying to create a “culture war” over Thanksgiving during the pandemic (which has killed over 255,000 Americans so far).
Texas, specifically, is in the middle of an aggressive second wave, and was the first state in the U.S. to reach 1 million COVID cases earlier this month. The National Guard is currently helping morgues in El Paso process the hundreds of thousands of the nearly 20,500 victims who have died.]

Only Texas and Alaska are large enough to hold Ted Rafael Edward Cruz’s stupidity. He couldn’t fit in Alaska which already has Sarah Palin.

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