Another house negro

The news is out: [Gregory, who clashed with President Donald Trump earlier this year, is one of the 13 senior Roman Catholic Church prelates whom Pope Francis will raise to the rank of cardinal on Saturday (November 28). He assumes the new position at a time that the American Church is divided over many issues but most of all abortion. Conservative Catholics have blasted Joe Biden, the first Catholic president since 1960, for his support of abortion rights. “I have always seen myself as someone who is charged with being in dialogue and in conversation, so I hope that my conversation with the new administration reflects that, knowing full well that there are areas about which we disagree, but also searching for those areas where we can find common ground,” he said. Gregory, 72, spoke to Reuters in a video interview from a guest house in the Vatican, where he has placed himself in quarantine ahead of the ceremony with the pope this weekend. He said he wanted to work with the incoming administration to look for “where we can find things that we can do together for the betterment of the American community, for the people of the Archdiocese in general. I want to be one who engages people in conversation.”]

Gregory is a disgrace to the skin he wears; a house negro who worships a god who brags about killing black babies in the bible.

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