Investigating the sheriff

The news is out: [Florida’s top law enforcement agency confirmed Tuesday that it is investigating Broward Sheriff Gregory Tony over a wider range of issues than it acknowledged six months ago.
The Florida Department of Law Enforcement said in May that it was conducting a ”preliminary investigation” into allegations that Tony lied on an affidavit to become sheriff.
Now, in a court document filed Tuesday, an FDLE inspector reveals that the investigation also involves “other undisclosed matters that will remain confidential.
Inspector Keith Riddick did not elaborate in his affidavit, except to call the investigation “open and active.”
Riddick’s affidavit was filed in connection with a lawsuit filed by four former candidates in the sheriff’s election: H. Wayne Clark, Al Pollock, Santiago Vazquez Jr. and Charles Whatley. They allege that Tony is ineligible to serve as sheriff because he has a criminal past.]

What’s the hush-hush? Gregory Tony, at 14 years old, shot an 18-year-old man to death in 1990 and he failed to disclose that on his job application. Now you know.

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