No shame at all

The news is out: [Newsmax CEO Chris Ruddy has admitted that some of the channel’s post-election news coverage has not been accurate, but defended the output as merely providing people’s opinions.
Ruddy was being interviewed on Peacock’s The Mehdi Hasan Show about how he can justify the misinformation and conspiracy theories that have been aired on the network, which has seen a surge of viewership and praise from Donald Trump.
Hasan accused Newsmax’s post-election coverage as like “watching a parallel universe” as it continues to push disputed claims of widespread voter fraud, the debunked theory that Dominion Voting Systems glitch massively favored Joe Biden and the suggestion that Trump could still be president in January.
Hasan also played an “especially ridiculous” clip from Diamond and Silk, who appear on Newsmax despite being cut from Fox News for spreading conspiracy theories about the COVID-19 pandemic.
During the clip, Diamond and Silk, real names Lynette Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson, claim the “China Virus” and the “scandemic” are linked to an overall plan for the Democrats to rig the election.
“Given you yourself have been a journalist Chris for more than 30 years, do you feel embarrassed to be running nonsense like that on your network and calling it news?” Hasan asked.]

Most media outlets are talk shows and have nothing to do with the news. That’s why I always smile, giggle and laugh when I watch any of them.

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