One nation, no longer under Trump

The news is out: [Patricia Compton was charged with aggravated assault counts, plus child cruelty and terroristic threats.
Two children in Georgia say they were terrified when a woman pulled a gun on them as they were out riding bikes in a Byron subdivision on Sunday.
Twelve-year-old Kaleb Barnes and his best friend, 13-year-old Ethan Hollis, were riding their bikes in the Autumn Cove subdivision when they heard animal noises and went to investigate.
That’s when they were approached by Patricia Compton, who pointed a gun at them.
“My friend Ethan started running, and I just stood there and said, ‘Don’t shoot, don’t shoot, I’m a kid,’ and I tripped on those rocks,” Barnes told a local news outlet.
Compton reportedly told the boys: “Stop or I’ll shoot you.”]

Now Karen is armed and dangerous. This is what we’re dealing with. More work for Biden to undo.

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