Policiers francais

The news is out: [Police officers in Paris were suspended this week after they were recorded punching a Black man and beating him using a truncheon without apparent cause, The Associated Press reported Thursday.
According to the news agency, three officers were suspended immediately after footage emerged of the attack. The victim has been identified as an artist named Michel.
French Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin ordered the officers suspended, the AP reported.
The attack reportedly took place on Saturday, shortly after officers followed the man into his music studio, where officers beat the man using a truncheon and punched him, according to the AP, which reviewed video images and security footage.
Not long after the beating, the police reportedly exited the studio and were met with backup. They then reportedly launched tear gas into the studio, prompting other artists who had been recording music to leave.]

Cops are the front line of the worldwide assault on Blacks and Africa.

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