Africa’s curse

The news is out: [After three weeks of fighting, Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed ordered the army to move into Tigray for its “final phase” sending alarm bells off for human rights groups.
The move comes shortly after Abiy offered a 72-hour surrender deadline to forces in embattled Tigray. The prime minister warned civilians in the capital that there will be “no mercy” if they don’t “save themselves” and leave the area.
Ahmed said the deadline was issued for two objectives, including the enforcement of the rule of law and to protect civilians who were urged to distance themselves from the Tigray People’s Liberation Front.
“What is happening is beyond words, and it is heartbreaking to see a great country is collapsing,” said a message sent from a Mekele resident on Wednesday seen by The Associated Press. The resident expressed they were not able to connect with loved ones elsewhere in the region.]

When the time comes, Africa must find a way to remove all these house negroes from the Motherland.

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