USA shame

The news is out: [America enters the somber holiday weekend following a Thanksgiving Day that saw more than 100,000 new Covid-19 cases and 1,200 deaths — skyrocketing numbers given that 20 states did not report data.
The US on Thursday marked the 24th day in a row with more than 100,000 new cases. Hospitalizations hit a new high — for the 17th consecutive day — with more than 90,400 Covid-19 patients nationwide, according to the COVID Tracking Project.
The country’s death toll since the pandemic’s start is now more than 264,000. And nearly another 60,000 people could lose their lives over the next three weeks, according to an ensemble forecast published by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention this week.
The number of daily deaths will likely double in the next 10 days, prolonging a sense of loss and isolation in a season traditionally spent with family and friends.
So, we’ll be seeing close to 4,000 deaths a day, which is how you get another 60,000 deaths in only about 20 days,” Dr. Jonathan Reiner, a professor of medicine at George Washington University, said Wednesday.]

Like I wrote so many times, arrogance and stupidity will make the US fertile ground for the coronavirus. Tell me again how much the morons who refuse to wear a mask or social-distance love their fellow Americans.

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