Even more bird flu

The news is out: [Officials in the UK are becoming increasingly concerned about the spread of avian influenza in the country after reports of a number of swans dying gruesome, bloody deaths.
According to a report from the Guardian newspaper, a number of swans in Cumbria, in north west England, were seen spinning in circles and bleeding from their nostrils before dying. The incidences of this happening were reported in Ulverston canal, the Guardian said.
“Many of them started to spin on their axis in one direction. It was terrible to see. Some of them were discharging from their nostrils and some of it was bloody,” said Caroline Sim, who volunteers with Flying Free, a group that works to preserve Ulverston’s swan population, according to the Guardian.
Although the cases of swan deaths in Cumbria have not been directly linked to avian flu at this point, a number of dead swans in Dawlish, Devon — around 250 miles south of Ulverston — were confirmed to have contracted H5N8, the latest strain of avian flu.
Cases of the virus have been seen across Europe, with France, Germany, Belgium, Norway and others reporting instances of H5N8.]

It will go away if they stop talking about it. Just like in the US.

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