I approve this message

The news is out: [President Trump’s decision to pardon former national security adviser Michael Flynn has fueled speculation that Trump may be gearing up to issue a wave of controversial pardons during his final weeks in office, including potentially to himself.
The pardon power granted by the U.S. Constitution is incredibly broad, but the question of whether presidents can pardon themselves has never been tested. Trump has reportedly been “obsessed” with the idea of a self-pardon for years and has publicly stated that he has the “absolute right” to issue one. Earlier this week, he retweeted a Fox News segment in which GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz called on Trump to pardon himself.]

Why not? If a pastor can forgive anyone’s sins, why can’t Trump absolve his own political sins? I am all for it. Trump has gotten away with murder, why stop now. It’s called “a clean sweep.” But Trump must say ten Hail Mary’s before he is declared a saint by pope Mitch McConnell and bishop Lindsey Graham.

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