Colonialism in 2020

The news is out: [Two of the world’s largest cocoa producers have accused Hershey’s and Mars of avoiding paying a bonus that helps boost poor farmers’ incomes, and have cancelled sustainability schemes run by the confectionary giants.
West African nations Ghana and Ivory Coast account for two-thirds of global cocoa production, but there have been long-running tensions with US multinationals over pricing.
The Coffee Cocoa Council (CCC) and the Ghana Cocoa Board (Cocobod) on Monday accused Mars and Hershey’s — two of the world’s top chocolate sellers — of not paying the so-called living income differential (LID).
The LID gives a bonus of $400 per ton of cocoa in addition to the market price and is intended to better remunerate cocoa farmers, many of whom live in poverty.
But a reported large purchase of cocoa by Hershey’s on the US futures market recently “clearly indicates your intention to avoid paying the living differential income”, the CCC and Cocobod said in a joint letter.
As a result, the producers said they had “been left with no choice but to cancel all sustainability programs with which your company is involved”.]

Fair practice and sustainability are buzzwords created by companies to deflect from the same colonial methods used when they pilfer non-white countries. Corporations never intended to pay a fair price for base materials they need to get rich.

On January 23rd, 2015 this is what I wrote about Hershey’s Nestle in my book “Deadly faith”: [The US is supposedly fighting a war on drugs, a war on crime, and a war on terrorism; however, companies are allowed to sell deadly products with impunity, worldwide and they are more dangerous than any drug cartels or terrorist groups.]

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