Non stop corruption

The news is out: [A top donor for both Republicans and Democrats allegedly sold access to key politicians for millions in foreign cash, The Associated Press reported on Sunday.
Imaad Zuberi, who pleaded guilty to making illegal donations to U.S. candidates on behalf of foreign nationals, reportedly set up meetings between foreign and U.S. politicians while running an unsophisticated straw donor plot.
“Everyone wants to come to Washington to meet people,” Zuberi said in a 2015 email obtained by the AP in which he sought to schedule a meeting between the president of Guinea and a congressman. “We get request(s) for meeting(s) from all scumbag of the world, warlords, kings, queens, presidents for life, military dictators, clan chiefs, tribal chiefs and etc.”
The Justice Department’s investigation of Zuberi reportedly only led to charges against a minor associate and did not publicly name the politicians who received donations.
The AP conducted its own investigation, in which it identified associates, enablers and targets of Zuberi’s plot through private emails, court documents, campaign finance reports and interviews with more than three dozen people.]

Capitalism in all its glory.

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