She is in the money

The news is out: [A Salt Lake City government agency worker, 59, has been accused of embezzling at least $95,000 of public funds which she spent on car payments, eHarmony dating site, Domino’s pizza and to pay for her son’s utility bills.
Tracey Leigh Schmidtke, who was office manager for Stansbury Service Agency in Tooele County, Utah, allegedly set up a PayPal account using the agency’s name and credit card and transferred $33,700 from it to her personal bank account over the last three months.
Schmidtke also allegedly used the PayPal account to go on a $40,000 spending spree buying up pizza and clothes from retailers including Amazon, Domino’s, Stitch Fix, Twitch, Urban Outfitters and spending on dating app eHarmony within the same timeframe.
The now-fired agency worker is also accused of using her company credit card to buy $21,184.24 worth of goods in the five months between May 29 and November 3.
The extent of the alleged theft and embezzlement is thought to be far greater than the $94,882.24 uncovered so far as authorities said Schmitdke has admitted to stealing funds from the company for the last year and the PayPal records recovered so far only date back three months.
Schmidtke was arrested on November 15 and slapped with three felony charges.]

She should have waited to be in congress to steal.

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