Jesus fails again

The news is out: [A New York City priest known for his controversial views and regular appearances on a global Catholic television network has been accused of sexually assaulting a 22-year-old security guard after she allegedly filmed him watching gay pornography.
Rev. George William Rutler, the 75-year-old pastor at St. Michael the Archangel Church in Manhattan, allegedly forcibly touched Ashley Gonzalez on Nov. 4, according to News12. The assault allegedly happened during the overnight security guard’s second day on the job, moments after Gonzalez says she came across the priest watching porn on an office computer in the church rectory.
“He looked at me with a smile, looked away, and he put his hand inside his pants, and he was playing with himself,” said Gonzalez, who is now calling for the priest’s arrest. When she tried to leave the pastor’s office, the 22-year-old said he shut the door, “aggressively threw himself on me and grabbed me sexually, aggressively, and I was fighting him off of me.”
The allegations have rocked the church led by Rutler, who has condemned “abortionists and the sodomites,” criticized Pope Francis, and once hosted former Trump adviser Steve Bannon at the inauguration of a shrine for persecuted Christians. He also once defended former Pope Benedict XVI after he seemingly referred to Islam as a religion inherently flawed by fanaticism.]

100% of the blame goes to an omniscient God who formed him in his mother’s womb. What the hell was he thinking?

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